Artist Statement

The common thread that runs through my work is a concern with the past and memories; i.e. a visual diary. Some important influences on my work have been: growing up in the car and motorcycle culture of Los Angeles, working in the gaming industry in Las Vegas, being introduced to clay at the Otis Art Institute while Peter Voulkos taught there, working in a pottery in Japan in 1971 and finally, the experience of working on the Bowery in NYC for the past 25 years.

I have been working in clay, making drawings, and taking photographs for many years.  Ceramics was my first medium, and by using the camera to record my work, the photographs eventually became the work itself, as I began to use photography to record my inner life rather than objects.  Recently, I have begun to work with other materials, undoubtedly influenced by moving my studio to the country two years ago from NYC.   This move is an exciting change for me, which will certainly influence my future work.

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